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 Explore Male Cosmetic Surgery in Richmond

Cosmetic surgery in men has risen at a much higher rate than that for females in the United States over that last decade.  Dr. Matthew Stanwix of Stanwix Plastic Surgery exception training & experience in cosmetic surgery of the body and face for males makes him poised to offer the most advanced techniques.  Whether you have excess skin on your belly, fatty tissue in the love handles, enlarged male chest, or excess skin around the eyelids or neck, our board certified plastic surgeon in Richmond VA will address your concerns and provide you with a state of the art approach to treatment and improved self-confidence


Genetics in men are much different than females, and our hormones make us susceptible to excess fat in the center of the abdomen and love handles.  Despite long hours in the gym, insanity exercises, intense dieting, stubborn fatty areas persist in the abdomen of men.  It is nearly impossible for the average male to have the six pack he desires.  Dr. Stanwix uses advanced tummy tuck and liposuction techniques to reverse these fatty deposits and help you in obtaining the washboard abs that you deserve.  If you have excess skin from losing a large amount of weight, then a body lift or belt lipectomy form of tummy tuck may be best suited for you.  Your initial consult with Dr. Stanwix will be pleasurable and smooth leading to an individualized treatment plan specifically designed for your desires and needs.  No two males are alike and Dr. Stanwix at Stanwix Plastic Surgery will assure you he tailors each procedure specifically to your body anatomy and desires.  He will attentively listen to you and take you through the entire process in a friendly and smooth manner.  Call Dr. Stanwix today if you have any questions regarding tummy tucks, liposuction, or weight loss surgery in Richmond VA.