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Neck Lift

Reasons of a neck lift:When a person looks in the mirror or another individual looks at them from the side, the shape and contour of the neck is the primary aspect of the face they notice. Sagging skin or extra fat in your neck can blunt your contour and make you appear heavier or older than you feel. Fortunately, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix of Richmond VA, specializes in advanced and cutting edge neck lift procedures. Dr. Stanwix feels that the neck is often the cornerstone of the face, and rejuvenation in this area can give you more beneficial results than any other individual procedure of the face alone. However, the face can be thought of as a unit, and oftentimes Dr. Stanwix will combine a necklift procedure with a facelift or other facial procedure. Neck lifts can take many years off your appearance, and give you a natural and youthful look that you deserve. Please search through Dr.Stanwix’s photo gallery regarding the natural and youthful results he consistently provides. If you would like to discuss your neck or other facial concerns, then contact Dr. Stanwix today.

Sagging skin in your neck (chicken neck)

Excess fatty tissue in your neck

A combination of excess skin and fatty tissue

Separation of your neck muscles giving you “bands”


Dr. Stanwix performs only the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques available. He is an expert in facial cosmetic surgery in Richmond and has a vast experience in all forms of craniofacial and neck surgery. Neck lift surgery takes Dr. Stanwix about two hours or less to perform by itself. If it is combined with a facelift or blepharoplasty, it may take around four hours. Dr. Stanwix safely performs this procedure under general anesthesia or local and twilight sleep (administered by a board certified anesthesiologist).

There are many different advanced procedures that Dr. Stanwix utilizes to perform a neck lift. Minimally invasive liposuction can be used alone, or in combination with one or more minimal incisions. The incisions that Dr. Stanwix uses are hidden well underneath the chin or right behind the ears. Through these incisions he can put back together your neck muscle if its separate and do the rest of the advanced techniques. He avoids a hairline incision, but rarely does have to use it. Therefore, Dr. Stanwix can perform all your surgery through a couple of small one inch procedures that are well concealed.


Dr. Stanwix performs neck lift procedures on an outpatient basis and will follow you closely over the next days in the office. Occasionally, Dr. Stanwix uses a compression garment that will be worn for a week or a small plastic tube to drain surgical fluid for one night. Some bruising and discomfort after the surgery is expected, but can be minimized by ice and elevation. Dr. Stanwix will remove the sutures at five or six days after surgery. Following this you can start to use makeup to conceal any remaining bruising or redness. By one week you will feel very well and can get back into most aerobic activities. Complications after neck lifts in Richmond are rare by a trained plastic surgeon like Dr. Stanwix, and may be minimized by following his detailed recovery instructions.