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Giving back to the community has always been a strong aspect of Dr. Stanwix's life.  Besides community service Dr. Stanwix performs outside the medical world in Richmond, he also dedicates his time, expertise, and plastic surgery skills into treating those less fortunate.  First of all, Dr. Stanwix is a doctor above all else; regardless of a person’s ability to pay or insurance status, he will see and treat all patients.  For example, he performs pro bono high quality surgery and cares for any patient in Richmond, VA who does not have insurance.  Also, Dr. Stanwix carries this outside of the United States.  He journeys on medical mission trips, to areas such as Nha Trang Vietnam (Changing Children’s Lives), where he performs cleft lip and other pediatric surgeries to children in need. 


Before and After cleft lip Repair by Dr. Stanwix

Dr. Stanwix Operating On Children in Vietnam


Dr. Stanwix and his wife on a medical mission trip


Repair of  a bilateral cleft lip by Dr. Stanwix

Dr. Stanwix Educating Vietnamese Plastic Surgeons on a Rhinoplasty for a cleft lip child


Dr. Stanwix with one of his cleft patients on the next day after surgery