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Read Patient Testimonials of Richmond VA Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Matthew G. Stanwix, MD

Dr. Stanwix strives for perfection with your results and accomplishes it not only through meticulous attention to detail, surgical expertise and a wealth of knowledge, but also through the empathetic care of his patients.  Of course, Dr. Stanwix's exceptional surgical results speak for themselves.  However, it is Dr. Stanwix loving bedside manner, dedicated care, and devotion to his patients that truly stand out.  He has recieved a 5/5 rating in all medical rating sites.  Here are just some of the many words patients have said about the character of Dr. Stanwix:

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Read RealSelf Patient Reviews of Matthew G. Stanwix, MD, FACS

"Dr. Stanwix is absolutely the best person that could of performed my surgery, he went above and beyond my expectations. His level of compassion is almost non existant with doctors today. If he had a life threatening disease and needed a lung I would not hesitate to forfeit one of mine that's how strongly I feel about the level of service I received from Dr. Stanwix. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about him or his character. He changed my life!!!"

My before and after pictures are the last 8 pictures under neck lift. Dr. Stanwix did an amazing job and I am so happy with the results! I will be 60 in 2 weeks and the neck lift that Dr. Stanwix did has taken 15 years off of my looks. People can't believe that I am soon to be 60! I would recommend him to anyone! Besides the fact that he does good work, he is very kind and truly cares about his patients!

BK, Richmond, VA

"Dr Stanwix performed a very complicated microsurgery procedure on me called a "free flap" I developed a very bad staph infection after compound fracturing my fibula and dislocating my ankle. The free flap procedure was the only option to save my foot. If not for Dr Stanwix, I would have lost my foot to amputation. I will always be thankfull to him for saving my foot. He is the nicest most caring doctor I have ever known."

Jimmy Duke, Richmond VA

"Dr Stanwix is a gem. He helped me through the most horrific experience of my life. In Aug of 2012, I slipped and fell in a hallway. I had no time to break my fall, so I hit the wall head-on with my forehead. The momentum spun me around to the other side of my face where I broke several cheek bones. With the swelling and discoloration I was almost unrecognizable. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr Stanwix. Within 12 hrs of seeing him, he performed surgery on my face. With his facial trauma experience and latest medical techniques, he was able to repair my cheek bones without cutting into my face. I have since completed a follow-up surgery to repair the damage to my forehead. I now look like myself again, even better. I have never felt such confidence in anyone, as I do with him. I like the fact that he is up on recent medical breakthroughs and that I can trust him to be honest and forthwith with me. His compassion equals that of a family member. I recommend him to anyone."


"Awesome Doctor! Dr. Stanwix is a patient and caring doctor. He made the procedure as comfortable as I could have imagined. He truly cares for his patients and their needs."


I'm loving this!!!! Thanks for doing such a great job and your kindness, your heart, and your professionalism made me know that I made the right choice going with you!!!!

Richmond, VA

First of all, I want to thank you for spending so much of your time with me, explaining my options for breast reconstruction... I am so impressed with you and what you have to offer that I hope you don’t mind that I spread your talents around. Thanks again!

AC, Richmond, VA

Dr. Stanwix,
We are very fortunate the day you were introduced into our lives. We feel very lucky and blessed to have had you as our doctor. I know the day that Jimmy fell off the ladder that our lives changed forever. For me personally you were a Godsend. Thank you for your calm caring nature and your brilliant surgical skills. We are forever grateful for all you did for us.

MD, Richmond, VA

"Excellent! He and his staff are so friendly and courteous."


Dr Stanwix,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you have performed on me. You are knowledgeable, professional, kind, and a very thoughtful person. Thank you so much!

Trinh Phan, Richmond, VA

Rhinoplasty----I give Dr. Stanwix my highest recommendation. He's caring, passionate and not assuming. I had a rhinoplasty procedure done by him and so happy with the over all result. He lived up to the expectations we discussed together in the pre-operative work up and things are getting even better. His staff were friendly and professional. In short, it was a very pleasant experience. Eman Abdul-Nabi

EA, Richmond, VA

Thank you so much! My results are AMAZING!!! I am so happy with the this procedure and such an amazing doctor! My results are SOOOOOOOOOO good! I cannot believe it!!!!! I look so good. I am thankful, so thankful!!!!

TD, Richmond VA

"Best I ever dealt with! Excellent knowledge and care. Thank You!"


"I am very pleased with the result of my surgery performed by Dr Stanwix and would highly recommend him."

I had been dealing with a skin issue for over 6months and no surgeon could fix it. Dr. Stanwix performed my surgery and it was solved in 2 weeks. He was the best! Thank you so much for making my life better!

A.B. Chesterfield, VA

I would highly recommend Dr Stanwix to family and friends. He quickly put me at ease when discussing my breast reduction and the expected outcome. He is professional, kind and caring. He made me feel like I was his most important patient of the day and that all of my concerns were justified. I was thrilled with the final results and would never use a different surgeon in the future.


Dr. Stanwix, We cannot begin to find the words to express how much your loving care has meant to us. This journey continues to be both physically and mentally draining. Thank you for always being within our reach. You humble us. Thank you!!!

BP, Goochland VA

I had multiple procedures, both surgical and non-surgical performed by Dr. Stanwix with excellent results! I am so happy I found him! He is a caring and compassionate cosmetic surgeon and person. If you are considering ANY cosmetic procedures, consult him first. You will be glad you did!!!

SS, Charlottesville, VA

I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be a patient of Dr. Stanwix. My reconstructed breast after the double mastectomy are absolutely beautiful. His surgical work is impeccable. I would recommend him %100 every time. He has a comforting bedside manner that comes with a smile to match

Richmond, VA

Dr Matthew Stanwix is a compassionate and dedicated individual whose client/Md relationship is beyond reproach. I feel so fortunate that I chose Dr Stanwix , my experience from beginning to end was very positive.I highly recommend him to any one who is considering plastic surgery. I look and feel like a new person,my self esteem improved thanks to Dr. Stanwix.

Richmond, VA

Today I celebrated the first anniversary of my bilateral mastectomy and the beginning of my breast reconstruction. From the time of my initial consultation and throughout the reconstruction process, I have felt blessed to have Dr. Matthew Stanwix as my plastic surgeon. First, I know that I have had a physician with excellent credentials and surgical skills. Second, Dr. Stanwix treats his patients with the utmost compassion, courtesy, and respect while providing meticulous, personable care throughout the process. He strives to connect with his patients, providing valuable information and answering their questions. I recommend him, without reservation, to anyone in need of reconstruction, and I will certainly consult Dr. Stanwix if I need any plastic surgery in the future.

TW, Richmond VA

Dr Stanwix was awesome! I had booked my consult with him out of curiosity after he replied to a question I posted here and I'm so glad I did. I felt like he listened to me and what my expectations were. I had been told I needed a lift but I just didn't see it and Dr Stanwix felt I had a good probability of not needing one either. The best part in my opinion was he assured me that if I do need a lift, it was no big deal to schedule it at a later time... This way my body will be the deciding factor and I'm not automatically going to be subjected to the extra scars that come with the lift. I really can't say enough nice things and I'm super psyched!

Richmond, VA

Thank you for your time and conversation. Your open pride and sharing are extremely refreshing. After many years and plastic surgery experiences I have never been so at ease and happy with my results as I was with you. No other surgeon had even compared. I wish you well and my extended deep thanks to you!

CL, Sussex, VA

Excellent !! Caring and compassionate! Talented! Expert in the field of plastic surgery! Outstanding professionalism !

JK, Richmond, VA

Dr. Stanwix is second to none when it comes to caring for his patients during their cosmetic procedures and/or surgery.
I have had several procedures performed by Dr. Stanwix. When I first met Dr. Stanwix, fall of 2012, our consultation was so comfortable. He took a genuine interest in me and what I was looking for. From that point on, pre-surgical workup, peri-surgery, and post surgery follow up, I always felt he was only a phone call away should I run into any problems, or have any questions.
I have had 2 major cosmetic procedures/surgeries by Dr. Stanwix and also other enhancements, for example juvaderm and botox.
I strongly recommend Dr. Stanwix if you are considering any cosmetic procedure.

SS, Richmond, VA

We know a guy whose name is Dr. Stanwix
He's a surgeon you know and we like him for that
He cuts and he shaves little pieces of us
He's good at it so we don't make a fuss

We hope he cuts in the right places
Surely Someone helps him get in all the spaces
He will get it out and make us all new
Its a bet we will take all his slices are true

So go ahead Dr. Stanwix and get it all away
Make sure when you finish I can still strike a ball
This whole thing is not something that I would chose
It's a game that I hope you want let me lose

J.A., Richmond, VA

Be assured that, if the situation arose, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Stanwix to a friend or family member.

E.S. from Mechanicsville, VA

Please let Dr. Stanwix know he did an AMAZING job and I am so very happy with my results.

This is just a quick note to say thank you for doing my surgeries! Things are looking good and I am very pleased with everything! You are truly amazing!

Both provided by T.D. in Chesterfield, VA

I am honored to do a review for Dr. Stanwix.

F.R. in Richmond, VA

I am so thankful that the first Dr. I went to recommended Dr. Stanwix. He is wonderful!!

P.R. in Richmond, VA

I am doing great. I couldn't be happier with the results.

T.R. in Richmond, VA

I can't thank you enough for all your help the process was fabulous! I still look great by the way!

K.S. in Henrico, VA

Thank you so much Dr. Stanwix! I have never felt this confident since I was in my 20’s!!! You rock!!!

CS, Richmond, VA

I feel 20 yrs younger! Thank you so much for helping me get my life back. I'm so excited for the possibilities!

SJ, Chesapeake, Virginia

I am two weeks post op and feel amazing! I am healing very well. I am so excited and pleased with my breasts!

CM, Dolphin, Virginia

My recovery is going great. Everything looks and feels amazing. I’m beyond shocked at how fast my body is healing. I have a huge list of issues that have completely vanished or massively improved in only a month. It’s incredible! Thank you for such amazing results! I’m beyond grateful!

SR, Sandy, Utah

You were always patient and answered all questions before and after surgeries. I truly thank you for being there these last couple of years. You truly are the Best Plastic Surgeon.

HD, Powhatan, Virginia

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for everything! Everyone has been very kind and so helpful! This has been a very painless process from start until now!

AG, Richmond, Virginia

Congratulations on your new practice!!! You are amazing and I know you'll do great!

CM, Richmond, Virginia

Congrats on the opening of your new practice!! Wishing you many happy patients and many success stories as only you can achieve!!

MB, Richmond, Virginia

You are a gentleman and a talented surgeon. Thank you for taking great care of me.

EL, Richmond, Virginia

My torso looks outstanding!!!! I love waking up every morning and actually seeing my abs! I truly cannot thank you enough! I wouldn’t want anyone else to perform this type of surgery on me!

LM, Richmond, Virginia

All of my old clothes fit perfectly now. I stopped being able to fit into them about 3 years ago but wasn't giving up hope. Now everything fits and looks amazing so I'm just thrilled with the results and am so grateful to you.

TM, Richmond, Virginia

I feel grateful I found such a compassionate, extremely talented surgeon like you to do it.

KS, Richmond, Virginia

I tell everyone about you. I’ve never felt better. You’re the best!

JC, Richmond, Virginia

"Thank you for all you do, and for all you are! I am beyond relieved...and super glad I chose you as my surgeon. You gave me my life back, and for that I am forever grateful!"

-Gilroy, CA

"I wanted to start off by saying thank you so much. I truly feel like you’ve given me my life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Southern Pines, NC

"Thank you again for your bedside manner, your generosity and compassion to helping women take back their lives. You are the best."

"I look fabulous! My body and neck look 40 years younger."

-Chester, VA

"Thank you for taking such great care of me and after seeing other women and some complications they experienced with other doctors I’m so grateful for your expertise! U did an amazing job! Don’t ever stop being so great. Thanks!"

-Biloxi, MS

"I can not thank you enough for the wonderful job you did and how amazing your staff is. You truly are a hero!"

- Edmonton, Canada

"There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel extremely grateful that I was able to have you do my surgery. I look years younger, and feel decades younger....simply unbelievable and the greatest gift or blessing I could ever have ever dreamed of or asked for."

-Naples, FL