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Fat Transfer

 Fat Transfer Richmond - Fat Transfer Expert Richmond & Charlottesville VA

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Matthew G. Stanwix, MD


Many women in the Richmond VA area are unhappy with their curves and the current shape of their body. Even despite a healthy diet and active lifestyle they still have stubborn areas of fatty deposits that just do not seem to go away. Maybe the excess fat it is in their hips, or their legs, or belly; wherever the excess is may never go away with weight loss or aggressive exercise regimens. Most of the time that women have excess in one area, and then they also tend to be smaller in other areas of their body. They often wish that they could transfer the fat from the area of too much to the area of not enough. If you have ever asked the questions: can i move fat from one area to another, or how can I make my breasts bigger with fat, then Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix of Stanwix Plastic Surgery can help you. Dr. Stanwix is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Richmond VA and Charlottesville VA who and specializes in fat transfer.

Dr. Stanwix performs fat transfer on an almost daily basis! He uses only the most tried and true techniques and the newest liposuction equipment in the market (VASER Liposuction). Fat transfer is a minimally invasive technique that can increase the volume of any area in the body. It is nearly a scarless technique that will have you on your way to a better and more shapely body! 

You may be wondering how much does fat transfer to breasts cost? Dr. Stanwix will take you through the consultation process by spending personal time explaining the surgery and the recovery period. He will explain in detail the surgical process or performing liposuction in one area of the body and removing that fat. The fat is then taken and placed into the are that you want more volume. By doing so, you will get rid of the fat in the areas you do not want and move it to where you do. Dr. Stanwix will show you before and after pictures of similar fat transfer patients to you on his iPad during your consultation. He will also explain what the recovery is like for fat transfer and the importance of wearing a compression garment.   Cosmetic surgery expert Dr. Stanwix will have you back to your active self in no time.

Many people are unsure of the best way to get volume in places besides implants.  The problem with implants is that they are made of hard or soft silicone and have many problems (such as infection, migration, and nerve injury). Fat transfer is the natural (and minimally invasive) solution to making any area of the body enhanced...and it lasts! Where can the fat be transferred to? Anywhere! If you want a more curvy and natural look, then you should contact Dr. Stanwix today for an in-depth consultation.