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Breast Implant Removal En Bloc

Breast Implant Removal En Bloc in Richmond

Richmond, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach VA, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, United States

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon - Matthew G. Stanwix, MD, FACS

Breast Implant Removal, also known as breast implant removal (explantation) with full Capsulectomy ("en bloc"), is a surgical procedure of Board Certified (American Board of Plastic Surgery) Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix expertise which removes implants and the breast capsules surrounding them all in one (also known as "en bloc" to many).  Explant surgery is for women who have breast implant related illnesses, capsular contracture, systemic issues caused by implants, implant ruptures, or those who want their implants removed without contamination.1,2  Dr Stanwix wants you to know you are not alone.  Breast implant related illness is a health issue that is often overlooked.1,2   Many women are often misdiagnosed with other diseases that have similar symptoms and do not realize that their symptoms and health issues can be related to their body's reaction to their implants.1,2  Dr. Matthew G, Stanwix, MD, FACS is a highly sought after surgeon in breast implant removal via the en bloc technique.  He not only has the highest of expertise in implant removal, but he is compassionate to his patients and passionate about this topic. Although studies have shown a 50-75% symptomatic improvement after explantation with capsulectomy, Dr. Stanwix is currently researching the topic and sees a much higher response rate.1,2 Below you will find information about Dr. Stanwix, his surgical technique, recovery and Detoxification protocol.  Download his educational Brochure on this surgery below.  Just be at ease...You are in the right hands with Dr. Stanwix.


Example of one of many implant removal with full capsulectomy Surgeries Dr. Stanwix has performed

Why Dr. Stanwix

  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Expert in Implant Removal.
  • Ivy League Educated and Johns Hopkins Hospital Trained. 
  • Many Awards and Accolades and the Highest Patient Satisfaction and Reviews. 
  • Performs breast surgery on a nearly daily basis. 
  • Strives for exceptional results. 
  • Meticulous and pays close attention to detail
  • Is a mircosurgeon


True Explant
       -  Implant and Capsule Removed all in one ("en bloc')
       - Through breast fold to limit harm to breast tissue
       - Meticulous surgical skill allows for NO entry into capsule (No “swiss cheese” looking results)
       - All foreign and unnatural materials (mesh, alloderm,)  and permanent sutures from previous surgeries will be removed fully during surgery
       - Dr. Stanwix can intraoperatively evaluate lymph nodes


 Before         Patient of Dr. Stanwix             After
En bloc Surgery
(Dr. Stanwix Did Not Perform First Implant Surgery)


Does NOT open capsule until incisions are closed

  • Places Implant and Capsule in one piece on back separated sterile table
  • Will not open capsules until after skin glue already applied to incisions
  • NO cross contamination for intracapsular contents to your body as incisions closed

Muscle Repair

  • Rotates muscle back to original position
  • Re-lengthens muscle for full functional strength

NO drains!

Performs other surgical procedures at time of explant

  • Natural enhancing fat transfer to keep breast volume
  • Dr. Stanwix performs fat transfer nearly on a daily basis
  • Proven techniques and Experience of over a decade in fat transfer
  • High fat take at time of explant (65-75% fat take) 
  • Breast Lift - Minimal periareolar lift-“Donut”, vertical-“Lollipop”, or full lift (or combined)
  • Fat reducing procedures (Liposuction, Tummy Tucks)

Before        Patient of Dr. Stanwix            After
Implant Removal & Explantation with fat transfer
(Dr. Stanwix Did Not Perform First Implant Surgery)



Before        Patient of Dr. Stanwix            After
Implant Removal & Explantation with Fat transfer and Breast Lift
(Dr. Stanwix Did Not Perform First Implant Surgery)

Pictures taken

  • Specimen Photos
  • Implants and capsules next to each other after back table removal of capsule
  • Can take intraoperative if requested

Implants returned - Certain restrictions apply (e.g. severely ruptured silicone implants)


  • Has an experienced Board Certified Pathologist to evaluate Breast Capsules for abnormalities
  • Looks for diseases of the capsules and tissue
  • CD 30, ALK testing for ALCL if applicable
  • Sends fluid (seroma) off for testing (e.g. CD 30 immunohistochemistry) if applicable & Can take bacterial and other cultures if requested


Examples of Implants next to capsules after explant procedures
(they also had full implant/capsule photos with capsules on)


Examples of some of the many explant Procedures Dr. Stanwix Performs.
Notice the complete removal with NO holes in the capsule to eliminate cross contamination


Want to Know more: Download Dr. Stanwix' En Bloc handout that goes over what to expect from surgery, frequently asked questions, recovery, and his detoxification protocol:

En Bloc Handout .pdf

Schedule your En Bloc Consultation

Experience Counts, Quality Matters. Find out why women all over the world have come to have their Explant and En Bloc Surgery performed by sought after Dr. Matthew Stanwix MD FACS. Call or visit his office and schedule your consultation today.



1. Tervaert, Cohen et al. Is explantation of silicone breast implants useful in patients with complaints?  Immunol Res. 2017; 65(1): 25-36.

2. Tang, Sherri; Israel, Jacqueline; Afifi, Ahmed. Breast Implant Illness: Symptoms, Patient Concerns, and the Power of Social Media. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 140(5): 765e-766e, NOV 2017.