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Tummy Tuck

If you are like many other women in the Richmond, VA area, then diet and exercise can only provide some of the results that you deserve. Dr. Matthew Stanwix specializes in body contouring surgery, particularly tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), and performs the most advanced and innovative techniques available. Tummy tuck surgery involves removing stubborn skin and fatty deposits in the abdomen and sides that oftentimes is persistent after weight loss or exercise therapy. Not to mention, a women goes through a lot of body changes during the childbirth process, including thinning of the skin and separation of the muscle. Despite the most rigorous diets and exercise routines, these changes may never go away completely. Tummy tuck surgery will address these areas and Dr. Stanwix meticulous surgical techniques and advanced surgery skills will redefine your natural beauty by giving you the shape you deserve. Men as well oftentimes require a tummy tuck because they are genetically programmed differently and add on excess weight and skin more than women in the belly and sides. Unlike other Plastic Surgeons in Richmond VA, Dr. Stanwix individualizes all of his tummy tuck techniques to your body shape and specific desires. There is never a “one fits all” approach in his practice. If you have questions regarding tummy tuck procedures, or wish to have a consultation by a Johns Hopkins trained and Ivy League education plastic surgeon, then contact Dr. Stanwix today.


Reasons for a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

· Stubborn fatty deposits in your abdomen

· Persistent fullness in your belly or love handles

· Unsightly stretch marks

· Loose or overhanging skin

· Massive weight loss leading to excess skin

· Separation of your muscles after childbirth


Dr. Stanwix performs various forms of tummy tuck surgery and individualizes to each patient. Dr. Stanwix also specializes in mini-tummy tucks (mini-abdominoplasty) to decrease the amount of down time. Tummy tuck surgery involves general anesthesia and takes Dr. Stanwix about two to three hours to perform. Dr. Stanwix always strives to give you the best result possible, and that is why Dr. Stanwix often performs liposuction of the sides at the same time. By doing so, he really can give you the shape and contour that you deserve.

Tummy tuck surgery involves a scar from hip to hip, placed low and hidden well within the bikini line. If you have a mini-tummy tuck, then that scar will only be half that size! Through this incision Dr. Stanwix can tighten your abdominal muscles (abs) to put them back into place. This can help with you core strength and stomach flattening. Then Dr. Stanwix removes the excess skin and tissue and pulls the upper part down like a window shade. He then fashions a new hole for the belly button and can give you the shape and configuration of a new belly button any way that you would like.

After the surgery you will be placed in a tight compression garment and see some of your results immediately!

After Surgery Care

Dr. Stanwix will give you detailed instructions during your initial consultation and then after the tummy tuck surgery regarding your recovery. After your surgery you will likely go home that same day. Although you will be a little tender, Dr. Stanwix wants you to walk around many times in your house. Because Dr. Stanwix uses all dissolvable suture and skin glue, you can shower that next day after surgery!

It will take 10-14 days for you to start feeling like yourself again, and by two weeks after your tummy tuck you can start doing most gentle aerobic activities (treadmill, elliptical, etc). By the third to fourth week after surgery you can do any activity that you would like. Keep in mind that Dr. Stanwix will keep a close eye on your recovery and help guide you in what activities are best for you during the recovery. Dr. Stanwix is known for his caring bedside manner and is always available to answer any questions or help you out in any way along the recovery period.