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Gender Affirming

Gender Affirming Surgery 

Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix, MD FACS

Stanwix Plastic Surgery


Although an exciting time, this time period can be intimidating emotionally and physically. Gender affirming surgery seems daunting at first with the web research, pictures, and experiences that you may encounter on the internet. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix of Stanwix Plastic Surgery, has the experience of over 11 years and dedication to help you through the gender affirming process. His gentle natural and caring personality will put you at ease in your journey and has already put many smiles on those in the trans community. Furthermore, he tailors his extensive body, chest, breast and facial surgical techniques to your individualized needs to deliver the results you deserve and desire!

Dr. Matthew Stanwix performs the most advanced gender affirming procedures and honed these techniques while at the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Department at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. There, he performed the intricacies of advanced and minimally invasive gender affirming surgery from one of the best. He is excited to share his many years of expertise and skill set to the trans community in Virginia (Richmond VA, Charlottesville VA, Williamsburg VA, Norfolk VA, Virginia Beach VA) as well as out of state travelers from Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, across the US. As his reviews and reputation show, Dr. Stanwix is dedicated to providing you a wonderful surgical experience and the meticulous outcome you deserve.


FTM Top and Masculinizing Surgery

  • Top Surgery (Keyhole, Periareolar, Double Incision, and variations of)
  • Masculinizing body surgery (Liposuction, Fat transfer, Tummy Tucks)
  • Masculinizing facial Surgery (fat transfer, Liposuction)

Non-Binary Gender Affirming Surgery

  • Top Surgery
  • Breast Reduction
  • Body and Facial Surgery

MTF Breast and Feminizing Surgery

  • Breast Augmentation (implants, fat transfer)
  • Breast Lifts (donut, lollipop, etc)
  • Feminizing body surgery (Liposuction, fat transfer)


Contact us today to see why so many in the Trans community rave about their results and care with Dr. Stanwix!