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Facelifts in Richmond, VA

Many individuals desire to look younger as the years go by, as skin does not maintain its elasticity as we age. Plastic surgery has continuously provided the treatments needed to restore a youthful appearance. At the Stanwix Plastic Surgery, Dr. Matthew Stanwix provides patients with facelift surgery to enhance a person’s aesthetics and confidence.

Why Consider a Facelift?

Throughout our lives, stress, the sun’s radiation, lack of proper care to the skin, and other factors can cause the skin to sag around the face and neck. These areas, particularly around the jaw line, are the main areas individuals see the most signs of aging. Some causes can also be just the underlying muscle relaxing due to age as well. A facelift by our Richmond plastic surgeon allows patients to see themselves for who they wish to be. Some other reasons to consider a facelift are:

  • Loose skin at the neck and face
  • Prominent lines from the nose to the side of the mouth
  • Marionette lines, or prominent lines from the corner of the mouth down towards the jaw
  • Jowls
  • Vertical lines at the neck
  • Patients who suffered from Bell’s Palsy and face drooping

When considering plastic surgery, it’s important to thoroughly discuss with Dr. Stanwix if this is the best treatment for your specific needs. Many times, facelifts come recommended with other procedures that combat wrinkles and fine lines.

Facelifts at Stanwix Plastic Surgery

Dr. Stanwix begins every consultation with an in depth study of your face and discusses your concerns with the areas needed to be treated. As an Ivy league, John Hopkins certified plastic surgeon, he has the expertise in the latest techniques to minimize scarring and ensure symmetry during procedures.

Once it is decided that a facelift is the best cosmetic method for your needs and goals, we schedule the surgery. Done under anesthetics, our Richmond plastic surgeon begins the facelift using small incisions at the front contour of the ear to the back side. This will create a more aesthetically pleasing, and reduce risk of scarring. He realigns the face and neck by removing any excess skin. In some cases, liposuction ca be used to remove excess fat deposits that have developed.

Recovery can be very quick, as most patients return to normal activities after two weeks. Be aware that there will be bruising and swelling two days after the procedures, but these symptoms should subside after 10 to 14 days.

Restore Your Youthful Appearance with a Facelift at our Richmond Practice

Dr. Stanwix and the rest of the staff at Stanwix Plastic Surgery check in with all our patients for follow-ups and are available to answer any questions about their surgery. For more information about facelifts, contact our office today.