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Breast Augmentation & Implant Revision

Breast Augmentation & Implant Revision Expert 

Richmond, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach VA, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, United States
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon - 
Matthew G. Stanwix, MD, FACS

The removal or revision of a breast implant can occur for several reasons: change in size, rupture of the breast implant, changes in a person’s biology (such as capsular contraction),  aesthetic purposes such as implant malposition, or patient preference. Whatever the reason, it is important to receive care from an experienced & Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix, MD, FACS, is a breast expert in Richmond who performs breast surgery on a nearly daily basis.  In fact, women come from all over the country because of his expertise on implant removal and the results he delivers with his revisions. 

Breast augmentation performed incorrectly can lead to devastating physical and mental compromises. Dr. Stanwix is aware of the importance for excellent results.  There are multiple reasons for this. Moreover, you should have results that match the discussion that you and your previous surgeon had. Revisional breast augmentation surgery is a more complex and intricate procedure to perform, and should be trusted only to breast surgery specialists like Dr. Stanwix. Dr. Stanwix performs replacement with implants and/or cutting edge fat transfer.  

After removal of the implants, Dr. Stanwix of Stanwix Plastic Surgery uses his advanced techniques to offer a variety of options:

  1. Replace with new implants (including shaped, textured, smooth, silicone, or saline)
  2. Perform removal of breast capsules from encapsulation (capsular contraction, breast implants become hard)
  3. Completely remove with no replacement- Explantation
  4. Perform Pocket exchanges
  5. Utilize acellular dermal matrix if needed
  6. Perform fat transfer, breast lifts, and other techniques for desired shape and sizes at the same surgical time

Dr. Matthew Stanwix provides breast implant removal and revision treatment for patients in Richmond, Midlothian, Charlottesville, Glen Allen, and areas across Henrico County. Schedule a consultation to find out if this procedure is right for you.

                              Before                        Dr. Stanwix Patient                      After

Before and After of a Breast Implant Revision done by Dr. Stanwix

What Can You Expect?

Like all other surgeries, patient centered care, confidentiality, and concierge services are at the forefront of the experience with Dr. Stanwix.  He will assure a smooth surgical experience from the day you meet him until your care is complete.  Feel at ease knowing Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix, of Richmond VA, will take great care of you and lead you through the process seamlessly.

The revision of breast implants is a routine procedure done for many candidates desiring to revert to a former image or address complications, including a ruptured implant, capsular contracture, shifting, wrinkling, deflation, and asymmetry.

During your consultation, Dr. Stanwix will develop an individualized treatment plan for revisional breast augmentation or other form of revisional breast surgery. By means of a thorough specialized approach, Dr. Stanwix will explain his technique to you and the course of the surgery. Because revisional breast surgery is so complicated, Dr. Stanwix may use a number of different surgical techniques, often cutting edge and innovative.

Breast implant removal or revision is entirely safe and performed under anesthesia or complete sedation. While the procedure can be short, it is important that patients know what to expect afterwards during recovery.  Breast revisional surgery can take Dr. Stanwix from one to three hours to perform. He does this as an outpatient surgery so that you can go home the same day. Dr. Stanwix almost always can perform the surgery through your previous incisions. Occasionally, he may have to increase the size of the incisions, but this is worth the small extra scarring for a fabulous result. The specifics of the surgery is individualized to you and your desires. He uses all dissolvable sutures and skin glue to assure the best scarring and results. You will wake up from the surgery with your breasts in the size and shape you initially always intended.

Many patients have claimed that breast implant revision surgery causes minimal to no discomfort after their procedure and can in fact cause relief in some. Dr. Stanwix will monitor patients immediately after a procedure to ensure vitals are normal. 

After Your Procedure

Healing from breast implant removal (explanation) or revision can take anywhere between one to two weeks. This depends on the other parts with removal (fat transfer, lifts, capsule work, etc). Expect minor pressure or discomfort for a few days due to the body’s natural healing process. Consider wearing loose fitting clothing following a procedure to avoid any complications, and receive plenty of rest during the period after surgery.

Common Concerns with Breast Removal or Revision

Many patients worry about skin showing signs of stretching after removal or revision. It can take 3-6 months for the skin to adjust, the new implants fall, and the breasts to take shape.  Many patients look forward to their body adjusting to their new body type and returning to their image pre-operation. Dr. Stanwix also provides breast lifts and other services as associating procedures to tighten the breasts after surgery and ensure patients’ bodies fit to an ideal image.

Schedule your Consultation

Finding a reliable plastic surgeon is important in ensuring your procedure goes as you would expect. Breast augmentation when performed by a trained plastic surgeon produces reliable results. Dr. Stanwix  is an expert in all forms of breast surgery and often receives referrals from other plastic surgeons for revisional breast surgery.  Remember that experience counts and quality matters.  You owe it to yourself and breasts to seek out the highest quality surgeon.

Dr. Matthew Stanwix is an Ivy League graduate who performed his residency at the prestigious Johns Hopkins hospital and is a highly sought after Plastic Surgeon. Call or visit his office and schedule your consultation today.