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Dr. Stanwix has been sought after by numerous magazines, media, websites, and other news teams due to his cutting edge surgeries, top cosmetic surgery results, innovative techniques, vast expertise, and exceptional medical care.  He has written in top Plastic Surgery Journals, Text Books, and is a frequent invited presenter in Cosmetic, Reconstructive, and Plastic Surgery International and National Meetings.  Below represents just a small portion of the array of media exposure Dr. Stanwix has recently achieved as an innovator, pioneer, and internationally recognized Top Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon.




 Dr. Stanwix is selected as the front cover story of this issue of River City Magazine. Get your copy today!



Dr. Stanwix is Selected by Richmond Times Dispatch in the Top Three Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons of Central Virginia 2018!


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Dr. Stanwix is Selected by Virginia Living Magazine as a "Top Cosmetic Surgeon of Central Virginia 2022!"





Channel 8 News Richmond, VA

Breast Reconstruction


Ann Curry 

Special "A Face in the Crowd"


 Plastic Surgery Physician Spotlight

ABC Documentary "Hopkins 24/7"


The Frontier Project

 May 2014 Blog Top Doctor

 Interviewed/Asked for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Opinions from:




Health Tap "Top Plastic Surgeon" 

RealSelf "Top Cosmetic Surgeon"



Doctor Stanwix' SGAP Breast Reconstruction Surgery Went International



 Dr. Stanwix DIEP Breast Reconstruction

Procedure Featured


Recognized as "Maryland's Top Surgery Researcher"

For Work in Facial Transplantation