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Body Analysis

Take a moment to examine your physique…

Self-confidence is a highly desirable characteristic and Dr. Stanwix wants to help you achieve it.  When you have a positive body-image, you exude self-confidence.  Often we find that life changes such as having a child, or simply getting older, can cause the body to change.  While these changes may produce undesirable results, there are steps we can take to turn back the clock and get you looking your best.  Take a moment to look in a mirror and honestly answer the following questions about your appearance and self-image:

Note: Men can ignore questions pertaining to women only.

Are you self-conscious about the shape or size of your nose?

Are you uncomfortable about your breast size?

Are your breasts uneven or do they lack symmetry?

Do you feel that your breasts sag or hang too low?

Do you have difficulty breathing through your nose?

Do you have excess or sagging eyelid skin?

Do you have spots or blemishes on your face?

Do you have stubborn areas of fat or cellulite that you can’t get rid of?

Do you have tiny wrinkles around your eyes, lips, or forehead?

Do you lack confidence wearing fitted clothing?

Do you visible acne or scars?

Do your breasts cause back pain and overall discomfort?

Does your body need more shape and definition?

Has childbirth caused undesirable changes to your body?

Has pregnancy or yo-yo dieting caused you to have excessive belly skin?

Has weight loss caused an undesirable reduction in your bust size?

Would you like your eyes to stand out more?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, Dr. Stanwix has modern, traditional, and minimally invasive ways to enhance your appearance and address your body-image concerns.  To receive a personalized response to your body analysis, please complete the form below.

You can have the look you’ve always wanted!  Contact Dr. Stanwix today to schedule an appointment today!

Note: Messages sent using this form are not considered private. Please contact our office by telephone if sending highly confidential or private information.