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Lymphedema Treatment

Comprehensive Center for Breast Reconstruction
Breast Reconstruction Richmond & Charlottesville VA - Lymphedema Treatment
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Matthew G. Stanwix, MD 

Breast cancer starts a journey through treatment that can be overwhelmingly exhausting and draining. Women are extremely brave and strong throughout the process emotional and psychologically, but the human body sometimes does not follow suit. Complications after mastectomy for breast cancer are numerous and commonplace. Radiation of your breasts never completely resolves, nerve or other surgical pain may last chronically, and swelling in your arms from the lymph nodes removed can be devastating. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix of Stanwix Plastic Surgery in Richmond VA will be there through this journey from the start with you. Not only does Dr. Stanwix perform the latest and most advanced procedures for breast reconstruction (DIEP flaps, microvascular breast reconstruction, direct to implant, fat transfer, etc), but he also cares for the surgical complications of breast cancer treatment: radiation, mastectomies, and lymph node removal. Dr. Matthew Stanwix trained at The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Avon Breast Cancer Center, and has dedicated himself to the comprehensive care of those beating breast cancer. Therefore, he has developed the Comprehensive Center for Breast Reconstruction to provide all avenues of post mastectomy care under one roof: breast reconstruction, lymphedema treatment, radiation damage treatment, and nerve/surgical pain treatment. Dr. Matthew Stanwix is a sought after international presenter on breast cancer and reconstruction topics, and has authored numerous manuscripts/research papers as well as book chapters on the comprehensive surgical care of breast cancer patients.  Read Dr. Stanwix blog regarding his recent presentations on breast reconstrucion and the comprehensive care of breast cancer patients.

 "Dr. Stanwix Describes Lymphedema Surgery"

Importantly, Dr. Stanwix provides advanced surgical care of lymphedema following breast mastectomy for breast cancer. Lymphedema (swelling) in the arm after mastectomy and lymph node removal is an extremely common phenomenon. For many women, lymphedema of the arm is devastating: they are unable to work full time, they cannot perform certain activities, and their quality of life is disrupted. Various conservative treatments for lymphedema, including compression sleeves, pumps, and physical therapy can help with the symptoms but will never cure lymphedema. At the Comprehensive Center for Breast Reconstruction, Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix performs microvascular lymph node transfer to the affected side. By doing so, new healthy lymph nodes from the groin are transferred to the armpit where they will help regenerate the transport of lymph fluid. Thus, the arm will have improved fluid outflow and symptoms dissipate or resolve. Also, Dr. Stanwix soon will be providing further surgical treatments for lymphedema, including lymphatic venous anastomosis (LVA).

If you feel that post-mastectomy lymphedema is controlling your life or causing problems, then contact Dr. Stanwix of Stanwix Plastic Surgery today to schedule you appointment. He has been with many women through the breast cancer journey and will be with you every step of the way.