Black and White Photo of Woman's Chest with Black Bra Reads BreastBlack and White Photo of Woman's Face with hand on chin reads FaceBlack and white photo of woman's lower body reads BodyBlack and white photo of man's muscular chest reads MaleBlack and White Photo of Woman's Pregnant Stomach Reads Mommy Makeover

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Learn about Richmond Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Matthew Stanwix

Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix of Stanwix Plastic Surgery performs all avenues of maxillofacial, breast, hand and upper extremity, lower extremity and body reconstructive surgery. From intensive training at Johns Hopkins, he utilizes the most innovative, minimally invasive and cutting edge reconstruve techniques available. Dr. Stanwix will be with you through your reconstructive journey and individualize his treament plan to your surgical needs. If you have reached this website, you may already be referred from one of the many surgeons and physicians in the greater Richmond, Charlottesville, and throughout Virginia that trusts our Richmond plastic surgeon to care for their patients. If you have not been referred, know that Dr. Stanwix uses uncompromised standards and individualized treatment plans to recreate the original you. Call today to schedule your consultation.