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Butt Augmentation


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon-Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix, MD

Buttocks Augmentation Expert- Brazilian Butt Lift Expert


Looking your best in a bikini can be a daunting task for most women in Richmond, VA.  When asking most women what they need to look better in a bikini or tight outfit at the gym, they want to lose the belly and waist fat...and place it in the butt.  Finally there is a solution to this problem: the Brazilian Butt Lift (buttocks augmentation).  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix of Richmond Plastic Surgeons, has a vast experience  in body contouring surgery and is an expert in cosmetic fat transfer.   Dr. Stanwix performs fat transfer on an almost daily basis! He performs liposuction of the abdomen, sides and back and then injects this extra fat into the deflated buttocks.  By doing so, Dr. Stanwix will transform your curves into the ones you desire... and do it all in one surgery!   You will be confident knowing that Dr. Stanwix performs only the latest in advanced techniquers for butt augmentation.  Are you wondering how much a Brazilian Butt Lift costs, or how long it takes to recover?  For these and other questions, call Dr. Stanwix to discuss your buttocks augmentation today.   Durging your complimentary consultation, Dr. Stanwix will put you, your friends and family at easing knowing that he is an expert in fat transfer by meeting him, viewing numerous before and after butt lift photos, and meeting his team. 

The Surgery

It takes anywhere from 4-6 hours for Dr. Stanwix of Richmond Plastic Surgeons to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift.   Dr. Stanwix performs this surgery at The Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery at Richmond Plastic Surgeons as an outpatient procedure.  Plastic surgeons used to place hard silicone implants into the buttocks to create a more round appearance.  These were painful, poorly placed, and often required removal because of the problems.  Todays buttocks augmentation, or the Brazilian Butt Lift, takes liposuction fat from the belly, sides, thighs, waist or anywhere you do not want it, and transfers it into the buttocks where you do want it.  Therefore you get the best of both worlds: a smaller, more defined waist, and a curvier buttocks. Dr. Stanwix uses fat transfer techniques to move the fat into the buttocks, avoiding the need for implants.  Dr. Stanwix performs this surgery iwith only a few small, hidden 1/4 inch incisions! 

After Surgery Care

Dr. Stanwix will place you in a compression garment around your waist and buttocks after the surgery ends.  You will be given pain medicine and other prescriptions to help you stay comfortable in the first days after surgery.  He is also on the leading edge of using prescriptuion pain creasm to minimize discomoft and help with a quicker and more healthy recovery.  Dr. Stanwix will provide you with detailed instructions regarding restrictions with activity and sitting following the surgery.  Because it is a minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Stanwix will allow you to shower the day after surgery and you will have a more quick recovery time.  Between the fat transfer and the liposuction, a lot of your results can be seen immediately!