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Breast Implants

With breast implant treatment at his Richmond office, Dr. Matthew Stanwix can help individuals look and feel their best. Not only do implants increase the size and adjust the shape of breasts, they create improved overall shape and body aesthetic. Whether you feel your physical contours are disproportionate or you would simply like to make adjustments in breast size to fit certain clothing, Dr. Stanwix develops a custom plan tailored to fit your unique needs. As an Ivy League graduate with over seven years of training at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Stanwix helps patients achieve natural-looking cosmetic breast enhancement.

Choosing the Right Type of Breast Implant

There are many options on the market for breast implants, each of which were created to fit differing natural body size and meet specific patient goals. Dr. Stanwix can help you narrow down your options and choose the implants that are right for you. Available implant types provided at our office include:


These implants use an elastomer (silicone) casing to hold a sterile saltwater solution, which imitates the feeling of natural breasts. Saline implants are inserted through a small incision prior to filling. In this method, scarring appears minimal. In the event of accident or injury, these implants are safe; the salt-water solution is naturally absorbed and expelled by the body.

These implants can appear the same as silicone implants at a fraction of the cost.


These implants use the same elastomer outer case as saline implants, but are filled with a thick silicone gel that more accurately mimics the movement of natural breast tissue.

Silicone gel maintains structure despite rupture in the event of an accident, preventing the breast from reshaping. This option is available for women age 22 or older.

Fitting Your Breast Implants

Once your desired type of implant is selected, you have the option of choosing how your implants will fit, how large in diameter they will be, and how far they will project. Dr. Stanwix completes a detailed analysis of your body type, discusses your goals with you, and generates a treatment plan to ensure a finished aesthetic that fits your natural body shape.

Implants can also be either round or teardrop shaped, depending on the style of implant and individual preference. Round implants provide an uplifted appearance and are easily customized to fit the proportions of each individual. Teardrop implants are known for their natural shape and maintain their form between lying and standing.

Women also have the option of choosing between smooth or textured implants. Smooth implants are made using a soft material that does not attach to the body and allows free-flowing movement of the implant. Textured implants are made using a rugged surface that stabilizes the implant’s shape and prevents the implant from flipping over.

Breast Enhancements in Henrico County

While there are many options to choose from, there is one particular implant type and procedure that’s just right for you. Dr. Stanwix can help you determine ideal implant treatment to produce natural-looking enhancements. For more information about breast implants in Richmond, call or visit our practice.