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MTF Surgery

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon- Matthew G. Stanwix, MD, FACS

MTF Sex Reassignment Surgery Expert 

Although an exciting time, this transition can be intimidating emotionally and physically. Transgender MTF surgery seems daunting at first with the web research, pictures, and experiences that you may encounter on the internet. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix of Stanwix Plastic Surgery, has the experience and dedication to help you through the gender reassignment process. His gentle natural and caring personality will put you at ease in your journey and has already put many smiles on those in the MTF community.

Dr. Matthew Stanwix performs the most advanced MTF breast and body surgery procedures and perfected this while at the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. There, he performed the intricacies of advanced and minimally invasive transgender M to F surgery from one of the best. He is excited to share his expertise and skill set to the MTF community in Virginia (Richmond VA, Charlottesville VA, Williamsburg VA, Norfolk VA, Virginia Beach VA) as well as out of state travelers from Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, across the US and even international. As his reviews and reputation show, Dr. Stanwix is dedicated to providing you a wonderful surgical experience and the meticulous outcome you deserve.

MTF Procedures

         •  MTF Breast Augmentation 
         • VASER “Corset” Liposuction & Fat Grafting
              • Define hourglass figure with fat to buttocks or hips
         • Brazilian Butt Lift and Hip/Hourglass fat transfer
         • Forehead Reduction

         • Nipple Enlargement Surgery
         • Facial Fillers or Fat Transfer (Lips, cheeks, etc)
         • Tummy Tucks

Breast Surgery

Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix of Stanwix Plastic Surgery performs all major forms of MTF top surgery with individualized variations. That is why Dr. Stanwix will perform minimally invasive techniques or hide your scar in natural lines or creases in all his MTF surgeries.

1. Breast augmentation with Implants

     - With areolar widening and VASER breast defining liposuction 

Dr. Stanwix MD, FACS performs MTF breast augmentation almost always with silicone implants.  The best decide which size you would like to be!  Its an exciting process during your consultation where you try on various sizes and determine which fits your body best.  Sometimes saline implants are temporality placed for a two staged procedure if the size you would like is larger than which can be accomplished in one stage. Also, Dr. Stanwix may recommend a shaped silicone implant, and is the only one in Richmond VA to be extensively trained and an expert with it.


               Before                    After                    

Surgery involves a 1.5-2 hour operation in which Dr. Stanwix places the implant in either the periareolar incision or underneath the breast fold.  Its minimally invasive and involves state of the art VASER liposuction to define the breast and create the right shape and contour to fit your desire.  At the same time, Dr. Stanwix will enlarge your areola if needed. Its performed as an outpatient surgery with minimal downtime.


Before           After

MTF Patient from another state with previous Chest Fat grafting for attempted augmentation. 

Dr. Stanwix then performed a silicone implant breast surgery.

Care around surgery

Dr. Stanwix meets with all his MTF patients in at least two consultations to go over the surgical details and the postoperative care. Here, Dr. Stanwix will let you know which medicines not to take before surgery (such as ibuprofen, aspirin, etc) and what to expect from surgery. After surgery care is important. Dr. Stanwix will place you in a compression bra and likely a surgical drain. He uses skin glue and advanced techniques such that you can shower the next day, and your drains only stay a handful of days. Depending on which type of MTF surgery you had, he will have you back into most activities within 2 weeks or so.

If you are interested in learning more about surgery with MTF expert Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix, then contact Dr. Stanwix for an appointment today. For our out of town guests, we have many accommodations to make your stay and surgical experience as pleasant as possible. Dr. Stanwix is looking forward to meeting you.


Regular Pricing:

MTF Top Surgery ($6,500 to 7,500)
         o Silicone or Saline implants
         o VASER Liposuction to define breasts
• VASER Liposuction  Body ($3,500 to $7,000)
         o Corset liposuction
         o Liposuction anywhere on body, arms, legs, neck, face
• Tummy Tuck ($7,750 to $8,500)
         o Includes liposuction of waist

Special Pricing:

MTF "Corset" Body Package ($14,500)
         • MTF Top surgery with Silicone implants and VASER Chest Liposuction
         • Corset VASER Liposuction of waist, abdomen and thighs
         • Fat transfer to Buttocks and hips

Pricing is ALL INCLUSIVE: Surgeons fee, facility fee, anesthesia fee, post-op garments and Recovery Kit (Vitamins, scar creams, Cosmetic insurance, Arnica pills), post-op appointments for one year-post surgical recovery kit, cosmetic protect (cosmetic insurance) & 24/7/365 concierge communication with Dr. Stanwix.  Special Pricing includes all concierge out of town transportation and accommodations.

Consultations: Contact Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix to arrange your consultation.

Payment: Credit cards, checks, cash, and CareCredit.

While Dr. Matthew G. Stanwix does not accept insurance at this time. He is happy to provide codes and documentation needed for you to file a claim with your insurance.